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Christian De Duve
Christian De Duve, Nobel Prize winner, Physiology or Medicine, 1974



     Christian De Duve described the basic information and energy transfers that go on in these interactions. One or the other has to apply:

  •        One oscillator may provide or remove ingredients required by  another, creating positive or negative feedback loops.
  •      They may intrude on one another’s space of operation, take up room, and block activity, as in receptor site blocking.
  •       They can add or subtract energy. Temperature increases generally speed reactions.
  •       One oscillator may agitate the medium in which another oscillator functions. Wind on water influences the patterns of surface planktonic life.
  •       They may have their own clock cycles that open or close gates, adding or blocking materials or energy needed by another oscillator.

     I must emphasize that the same five energy, information and material transfers undergird love and wisdom. They come into play as emergent properties of the evolution of the primordial rhythms themselves. In the rest of the chapter I will outline an approach to the life sciences that I call evolutionary chronobiology. If you only want to hear about love and wisdom skip ahead to chapter two. Warning. The science gets tough. But if you stick with me now you will get the grounding you need to understand love and wisdom better, most importantly as they function in your own life.