Plankton float  and sink with solar rhythms


     I’m arguing that to understand love and wisdom, you must recognize that integral nature, with us in it, is built on a thru-line of rhythm. Bio-oscillating systems interact in an ecology of rhythms. Organisms engage with each other by transferring their frequency and waveform characteristics. And this happens in love and wisdom too.
    Winfree explained that

“despite the variety of mechanisms that underlies rhythmic timing and its control in living organisms, several modest generalizations stand out. For example, any spontaneously rhythmic mechanism (‘oscillator’) can be expected to lock on to the nearby period of a strong enough rhythmic influence… This ability of most nonlinear oscillators to entrain or synchronize rests on their time-dependent sensitivity: exposed to some standard disturbance beginning at different times in the cycle, there will be different phase shifts inflicted.” 9
    Rhythmic entrainment, resonance, dissonance, frequency pulling, constructive and destructive interference, and other kinds of modulation, link species together. In the simplest couplings, two rhythms fall into phase with each other and draw other close frequencies in. Frequency matching must have entered into evolutionary selection from the beginning. Species living in resonant relationships with each other, it follows, move, ship materials, transmit energy and share information in common frequency ranges.10 Interactions that work between pairs of oscillators also work in larger arrays, stimulating biochemical reactions between as well as within individuals, including those of different species.

                                Lascaux hunt
     Browsing animals follow the ripening grasses, plankton float and sink to the changing temperature gradients of the sun-warmed waters. Predators follow prey animals whose feeding patterns follow the vegetation. These rhythmic patterns repeat year after year. If the grass is late, the browsing herds are late. If the climate changes, the rhythms reset. At the mouth of the Navarro River near where I live, for instance, the sea birds gather to feed on the salmon fry as they swim down river at the end of the summer. But the fish can’t get out to sea until the sand bar that blocks the river mouth breaks down with the high tides and the first fall rains. The species are rhythmically entrained through the weather and seasons.

Simple coupling

paired rhythms in phase
Paired rhythms in phase